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7 ways we guarantee a complete consultation

A consultation is a very important part of any treatment process for us at My Pure Aesthetics. We take great pride in our consultations and ensure that our clients leave with all of their questions answered, and feel at ease and confident in the treatment and our practitioners.

Here are seven ways we guarantee a complete consultation, making sure our clients feel safe and secure with going ahead with their treatments.

1) Aesthetic goals

The consultation is where clients are able to share with the practitioner what they would like to achieve. Our experienced practitioners will then give their expert advice on the ways to achieve the client’s designed results, what is achievable and highlight any limitations.

2) Information on the products being used

The practitioner will share with the client, the different methods of treatments to achieve their goals and information of the different brands of products available.

3) The amount

The consultation will be where the amount of filler requested and required to reach the treatment goal will be discussed.

4) Longevity

The practitioner will be honest and open with how long the results will last and highlight the factors that can influence the time-scale.

5) Side-affects

The practitioner will highlight the possible side effects, which can include bruising, swelling, redness, infection, cold sores

6) Downtime

Once the possible side-affects are shared, the practitioner will then go on to comment on the downtime required if these symptoms occur.

7) Costs

At My Pure Aesthetics we are transparent with our pricing, and clients can easily see how much treatments cost on our website here, even before they come for a consultation.


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