kylie jenner removes lip fillers

Kylie Jenner removes her lip fillers and you can too!

Some may feel betrayed by the reality TV star for removing her lip fillers as statistics show, when Kylie Jenner confirmed she had the treatment, there was a 70% increase of those enquiring about the procedure according to the Independent Newspaper.

With Kylie Jenner having such a heavy influence over people, resulting in thousands of women following in the 21-year-old’s footsteps to achieve that ‘perfect pout’ with lip fillers, to then have them removed, has resulted in an uproar amongst her followers.

(Kylie Jenner shows off her lips without the filler – taken from Instagram)

Kylie’s confirmation came by her responding to a fan comment on Instagram saying ‘she looks like the old Kylie idk (I don’t know) why’

Kylie replies: ‘I got rid of all my filler’.

(Conversation on Instagram between Kylie Jenner and a follower)

The demand for lip fillers over the years has generated an increase in those carrying out the procedure and unfortunately the risk of dissatisfied patients.

Many patients who are disappointed with their lip filler treatments usually aren’t happy due to the filler being placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly or some patients just want to end the results of fillers prematurely. Fillers naturally dissolve between 6-12 months but here at My Pure Aesthetics, we have a solution to speed up the process, which we believe how Kylie Jenner ‘got rid’ of all her filler.

If you have had lip fillers, and not happy with your results or want them removed, we offer a treatment that is the answer to your prayers –


Filler Dissolving

Filler Dissolving is the process of injecting an enzyme that breaks the chemical bond in the filler. This then allows the body to absorb the hyaluronic acid, which we natural have in our bodies – disappearing the affects of the filler. The results can be seen as soon as the procedure has finished however we do advise for patients to wait four days to see the accurate results. We also recommend waiting at least two weeks before having your fillers dissolved, after your initial treatment. This is to ensure any bruising and swelling has subsided from the first procedure.

Please see pricing for the Lip Dissolving procedure here.

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