The Kylie Jenner package

The Kylie Jenner Package : jawline, cheeks and chin

The Kylie Jenner Package : We’ve put together a complete package deal for those who want to achieve the Kylie Jenner look: chiselled jawline, high contoured cheek-bones and a perfectly shaped chin. (Display image above shows before and after photos of one of our clients who had 1.5ml in each side of her jawline and 0.5ml per cheek.)

The package was inspired by social media star Kylie Jenner (below, before and after photo), who has become one of the faces of aesthetic treatments.

The Kylie Jenner package

With cheek and chin enhancements adding definition, contour and proportion to the face, these fillers have become desirable either to improve the definition of the cheek bones or to lift the mid face as part of facial rejuvenation. This treatment can also reduce the appearance of nose to mouth lines which then gives the face a fresher, more youthful look.

The non-surgical chin reshaping and jawline involves the use of a dermal filler to contour and create a clear separation between the jaw and neck, achieving a more shaply, natural aesthetic appearance.

The Kylie Jenner Package treatment is done in one visit ensuring a quick, safe and effective out-patient  procedure. The treatment includes four syringes of either Juvederm or Restylane, depending on the patient’s requirements.

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(4 Syringes spread between Cheeks, Jawline + Chin : £560)

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