Body treatments + Hifu

Cavitaion or Radiofrequency or Cellulite treatment + Shockwave 30mins 45mins 60mins
Single Session £60.00 £80.00 £120.00
3 Sessions £150 £200.00 £300.00
6 Sessions £300 £400.00 £600.00
Non-Surgical Face Lift / RF 45min without mask 60min with mask  
Single Session £60 £80.00  
3 Sessions £150 £200.00  
6 Sessions £290 £380.00  
Fat Freezing 30mins 45mis 60mins +
1 Small Area e.g. Chin £100    
1 Medium Area   £149.00  
1 Large Area e.g. Abdomen Area     £199.00
Duo treatments – e.g. Inner Thigh, Bingo Wings, Muffin Top     £250.00
3 Area – Three cups of cryo attachment     £350.00
4 Areas – Four cups of cryo attachment     £400.00
Body Hifu 20mins    
Single Session £400    
Body Hifu (Focused Fat)   45mins  
Single Session   £600.00  
Body Hifu (Cellulite)   45mins  
Single Session   £600.00  
Face Hifu     60min +
Single Session     £900.00

Want to tone your specific skin areas? Why not opt for HiFu treatment in London? Well, it’s the most widely recommended procedure because it is not at all invasive. Moreover, the downtime is minimal. If youthful, firm and tight skin is what you are looking for, then there’s nothing better than this. A natural uplift is facilitated and the skin starts looking mature. The skin of eyes, neck and face becomes toned and displays dramatic results. The procedure is highly cost effective and ageing is reduced drastically. You might see an improvement within a very short period of getting it down. There is no recovery period involved too.