A wonderful way to firm and restore brightness to the skin, Mesotherapy combines anti-ageing and fat burning in one innovative injectable.

Consisting of a potent cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, natural extracts and pharmaceuticals, Mesotherapy injections are delivered into the middle layers of the skin.

As well as stimulating collagen and elastin, the formula also increases the metabolic rate of target areas, which helps speed up the fat burning process. This makes it a great option for areas prone to cellulite, such as the thighs or bum.

The treatment is relatively pain-free with only the minor discomfort of injections (although a local anaesthetic cream can be applied to mitigate the feeling).

Results appear immediately after treatment and strengthen over time, leaving your skin brighter, more balanced, and rejuvenated.

Mesotherapy is completely non-surgical and requires no recovery time. Minor bruising can appear at the point of injection, but should subside within a few days following treatment.

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